All about me

Mar Cadarso

Mar Cadarso is a woman and a contemporary brand, founded on the premise that reinterpreting classic techniques and materials can breathe new life into the world of leather.

Influenced by her journeys and experience, her understanding of what is useful and well-made, Mar strives to design for every day and every moment.

Her creativity, her hands and her Leather are the basis of her trade and her brand.

She designs items she would like to buy for herself but has never found on the market.

Mar hates the idea of disposable luxury, looking to produce objects which will outlast the fad of the moment.

She advocates all things well-made.



Mar Cadarso Studio Workshop in Leather


Her unerring quest for the best


Every piece is unique. Every piece is made with its owner in mind.


As you learn, you triumph. Coco Chanel


Passion for life. Passion for her trade. Passion for you

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